Koudmen the series (2020), director, cinematographer, editor, producer – 9 episodes –  Watch it here

Koudmen the series is an experimental project directed and edited by Stephanie Saxemard and produced in her studio at Creativ Sün Films (CSF). Stephanie’s aim is to tell the story of solidarity in the Caribbean through the lens of a personal experience.  The experimental process of creating the series is a new experience for her. The challenge is to publish each week an episode of the story which is edited as she goes along. The series merges images from the film ‘The Sea Between Us’ and unseen footage shot over a five-year period, between 2015 and 2019.  Every week Stephanie adds a layer to the story and let it unfold as it comes.

Le premier mahogany (2019) – director, editor – 24′

As part of the construction of the run-down BON AIR condominium and the reconstruction of the site as an Ecoquartier, it was planned to organise the memory of the BON AIR residence or neighbourhood, to help tenants and owner-occupiers to awaken their memories and gradually mourn the loss of the neighbourhood and the residence in which they once lived.

The Sea Between Us (2018), director, cinematographer, editor, producer – 48′ –  Buy a license here

In the night of September 18th 2017, the eye of category 5 Hurricane Maria strikes the island Dominica head-on. For several days following the storm, the country is engulfed in silence, completely cut off from the rest of the world. From the neighbouring island of Martinique we decide to brave the stormy waters of the Dominican channel to establish communication with the island. For us, Caribbean natives, the sea that lies between them becomes the bridge that connects us together.




Yole (2018), director, cinematographer, editor, producer – 24′ –  Stream it here

Injured, a returning champion and young team captain struggles to keep his team in the running of the biggest sports event of the year in Martinique.




A muted French revolution- Fanon, where did you go? Edited by Stephanie saxemard – 1’32

This is a visual essay using archives and footage from music videos.

I don’t own the rights of the images nor the music.



Condamné à miquelon? (2017), director, cinematographer, editor, producer – 5′

Delly, a fisherman of Martinique reflects on his activity and legacy on his island, largely contaminated by a toxic pesticide used in the banana plantations until the late 90s.



Shihan (2017), director, cinematographer, editor, producer – 5′

SHIHAN is the story of Shihan Shannah Robin, a martial artist from Dominica whose determination and discipline helped him overcome barriers, leading him on his path toward greatness.



Live Edge (2017), director, cinematographer, editor, producer – 9′

Set in the lush mountains of Dominica, the film follows Keith Cliffton as he tells the story of his quest for creative expression and his exploration of the question “what is an artist?”.